We proudly provide the highest quality, kick-ass, freshly prepared soups, sauces, dressings and scone mixes.      Fresh, healthy ingredients are the first step in making sure that you are getting the finest product, and unique, creative recipes will keep you coming back for more.

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Chef Mule foods are made only from natural ingredients. All meats, seafood, produce, herbs, spices and dairy products are locally grown and produced whenever possible. This insures the freshest quality which is what Chef Mule is known for. No added preservatives, sodium or MSG.
We take pride in offering foods that also address special dietary needs. We know that food allergies and health restrictions raise awareness to what we eat. These special dietary needs shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying foods that you enjoy. That is why we are happy to provide select soups, sauces, dressing and mixes that are gluten-free and diabetic friendly. Please contact us for more information on Special Dietary Needs.

Chef Mule is a division of Fabled Table.